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The woody, floral scent of musk offers an erotically stimulating fragrance experience. This odour provides an all-round sense of well being in an extremely discreet and harmonious way.

Four thousand years ago, both women and men were attracted to musk fragrances - indeed, musk developed as globally appreciated perfume oil and is still very popular today.

The legendary Musk Oil No. 6 was developed in 1969 and soon became one of the most popular unisex perfume oils. The Musk brand continues to enjoy this popularity to this day.

Products from Musk

  • Musk Deodorant Spray
    Musk Deodorant Spray
  • Musk Eau de Toilette
    Musk Eau de Toilette
  • Musk Parfume Oil
    Musk Parfume Oil
  • Musk Deo Roll-on
    Musk Deo Roll-on
  • Musk Showergel
    Musk Showergel

Overview Musk products

Name Content item number
Musk Nr.6 Body Spray Deo150 ml523409.000
Musk Oil no. 6 eau de toilette30 ml523431.000
Musk Nr.6 Parfum-Oel10 ml523440.000
Musk Nr.6 Deo Roll-on75 ml523403.000
Musk Nr.6 Douche250 ml523404.000

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