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Flaman - Since 40 years "on fire"

Flaman can be used to light fires quickly and easily, whether firewood in the fireplace or in the fire bowl, charcoal in the grill or a briquette in the oven. Flaman has been one of the most popular Swiss brands in the field of lighting aids for over 40 years. Enjoy a fast glow without excessive smoke thanks to Flaman. 

Today, our Flaman range includes a large number of products that make lighting easier, depending on the desired application. For example Flaman Liquid - ideal for small pieces of coal or Flaman Fire-Start, the practical paraffin bags for on the go.

Most popular flaman products

  • Flaman corncobs
    Flaman corncobs
  • Flaman powersticks
    Flaman powersticks
  • Flaman Powersticks
    Flaman Powersticks
  • Flaman cubes premium
    Flaman cubes premium
  • Flaman gas lighter
    Flaman gas lighter
  • Flaman liquid
    Flaman liquid
  • Flaman cubes natura
    Flaman cubes natura


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